ERP System Audit

 “Has the benefits and returns which were stated and based on which the decision of going in for the ERP implementation taken, has been attained”  -  This is the question, every stake holder of an organisation, gone live in ERP implementation – will be asking or tend to ask..

Once the ERP system is implemented completely,  any organizational need to measure the performance of the system against the goals and objectives set up prior to the implementation of the system. These should be in quantifiable terms.

The main purpose of the post implementation audits after the implementation has the following major objectives 

  • To check whether all the business process has been mapped into the new ERP system which is in line with the business best practices
  • To analyze how well or effectively the non standard ERP processes, if any pertaining to any specific industry was implemented
  • Recommend process changes to augment operational efficiency
  • Give a detailed roadmap on how the new ERP system can be optimized and streamlined for attaining organizational objectives
  • To check the effeteness of system controls and validations in the modules and its transaction entries
  • To ensure the completeness and accuracy of master data – being maintained in the ERP system
  • To measure the erp system – module – feature usage analysis
  • To check the logical security of erp system including user profiles, responsibilities and authorisation

EBITS offers ERP & Software Application Audit Services  – either in Post-Go Live or in-middle of ERP Implementation process. Our Audit  services can also be customized to fit in your objective and budget.


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